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Last updated 12 March 2021

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The SCCA Challengers operates on a rolling format to allow players to arrange games as flexibly as possible (e.g. to cater for new joiners during a year, or periods of low activity in other events).

Entrants are broadly classified as beginner, intermediate or advanced strength to assist with like pairings, but developing players are encouraged to challenge above their level to gain experience.

Medals are awarded for best playing performance(s) during a season. Entrants are reminded that in order to be eligible to win a medal, they must have taken part in at least 8 games against 3 different opponents.

Current Cycles

2020-21 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 202006
Buchan, A W 880
Burridge, R J 8806
Dunn, J 1616010½
Gilbert, R 12120
Hardwick, M E 8800
Jamieson, D 2202
Kearns, A 880½
Major, B 2200
Robinson, A 8805
van Stratum, T 2200
Wicht, D 101008
2019-20 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 141407
Beveridge, C 880
Burridge, R J 101007
Dunn, J 880
Gilbert, R 101004
Hardwick, M E 8802
Kearns, A 8807
Milton, G 8800
Neil, C 880
Whittaker, I P 880

Previous Cycles

2018-19 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Burridge, R J/a> 10100
Fowler, D 10100
Gilbert, R 12120
Kearns, A 8802
Knox, A 101004
Neil, C 10100
Sedstrem, A 8801
Whittaker, I P 4404
2017-18 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 101002
Blake, M J 1212011½
Burridge, R J 10100
Gilbert, R 10100
Gowans, T 4040
Kearns, A 8806
Knox, A 8800
Neil, C 10100

2016-17 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 121202
Blake, M J 880
Burridge, R J 660
Crawford, R 880
Gilbert, R 12120
Hardwick, M E 8801
Knox, A 101003
2015-16 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 141405
Blake, M J 440
Burridge, R J 1818014
Cumming, D R 8808
Gilbert, R 4400
Hardwick, M E 14140½
Lawrence, Ms S 440
Neil, C 14140

2014-15 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 8802
Burridge, R J 880
Cumming, D R 6606
Davis, A 2200
Gilbert, R 880
Hardwick, M E 4400
2013-14 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 10100
Burridge, R J 161609
Cumming, D R 10100
Gilbert, R 8803
Hardwick, M E 880½
Lawrence, Ms S 4403
Longden, R A 12120
Macgregor, C A 220
Robson, A C W 6600
Smith, P R 440

2012-13 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 880
Burridge, R J 14140
Cumming, D R 1212012
Hardwick, M E 880
Longden, R A 101006
Moir, P J 6600
Petrie, A R 7701
Smith, P R 440
Toye, D T 9903
2011-12 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Armstrong, J M 101003
Binnie, J 220
Brooksbank, Dr K 880
Cumming, D R 8808
Hardwick, M E 660½
Knox, A 6606
Moir, P J 8803
Toye, D T 880

2010-11 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Anderson, J 2201
Armstrong, J M 880
Brooksbank, Dr K 8804
Cumming, D R 1818014½
Fraser, R A 880
Graham, S 2222017½
Hardwick, M E 8800
Macgregor, C A 2200
Moir, P J 14140
Neil, C 0000
Roberts, A 6601
Smith, M J 660
Toye, D T 141406
2009-10 Cycle Games Complete Ongoing Points
Almarza-Mato, C 8805
Anderson, J 8806
Brooksbank, Dr K 6606
Burton, C 8803
Cumming, D R 10100
Domnin, M 6600
Fraser, R A 6602
Graham, S 660
Hardwick, M E 4400
McKinstry, J 6604
Macgregor, C A 8803
Mahony, J 121200
Miller, S 6606
Moir, P J 8803
Sheridan, N J 6602
Toye, D T 4401

Medal Winners

2020-21Dunn, J
2019-20Beveridge, C
2018-19Burridge, R JGilbert, R
2017-18Blake, M J
2016-17Blake, M JGilbert, R
2015-16Burridge, R J
2014-15Burridge, R J
2013-14Cumming, D R
2012-13Cumming, D R
2011-12Cumming, D R
2010-11Graham, S
2009-10Cumming, D R
2008-09Cumming, D R
2007-08Cumming, D R
2006-07Burridge, R J
2005-06Lloyd, G
2004-05Lloyd, G
2003-04Phillips, G HEdney, D
2002-03Lloyd, GEdney, D
2001-02Lloyd, GEdney, D
2000-01Lloyd, GBrown, D E

Player Records

Almarza-Mato, C
Anderson, J
Armstrong, A
Armstrong, J M
Ballan, Dr M
Banner, N J
Beacon, R
Bennett, P G
Beveridge, C
Binnie, J
Blake, M J
Brooksbank, Dr K
Brown, D
Buchan, A W
Burridge, R J
Burton, C
Cairney, J
Calder, H
Cassidy, J T
Cormack, W H
R Crawford
Crosbie, R
Cumming, D R
Davis, A
Dawson, J
de Sousa, O
Domnin, M
Dowell, C
Dunn, J
Edney, D
Ellison, J T
Ellis, R P
Fowler, D
Fraser, R A
Gilbert, R
Giulian, H
Gough, E
Gowans, T
Graham, S
Grant, J
Greene, R
Hardwick, M E
Hilton, S H
Jack, J P E
James, C R
Jamieson, D
Kearns, A
Kelly, P
Kerr, A
Knox, A
Lawrence, Ms S
Lloyd, G
Longden, R A
Loughran, R
MacArainn, G
McAinsh, T F
Macgregor, C A
McIntee, C
McKinstry, J
McMenemy, J
Mahony, J
Major, B
Malcolmson, R
Miller, S
Milton, G
Moir, P J
Neil, C
Newton, A
Novag Sapphire
Petrie, A R
Phillips, G H
Price, D
Proudler, V A
Roberts, A
Robinson, A
Robson, A C W
Rutherford, J F
Sedstrem, A
Sheridan, N J
Smith, M J
Smith, P R
Stalker, J H
Stoneman, J
Stott, K
Swan, Ms G
Toye, D T
van Stratum, T
Wallace, B
Whittaker, I P
Wicht, D
Wright, A