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Last updated 15 March 2018

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15 Mar 18 | George Pyrich Memorial Tournaments
Tournament Organiser Alan Borwell has today released the following announcement to ICCF Member Federations via the ICCF General Secretary.
The SCCA is organising some special tournaments in memory of our dear friend George Pyrich, who sadly died on 16th December 2017. To avoid clashing with other Memorial events, SCCA plans to start the tournaments on 9th September 2018 which will be the 67th anniversary of George's birthday. The planned structure of the Memorial Tournaments will be as follows:
  1. SCCA envisages Groups of 13 players each, arranged according to ICCF ratings as at 1st July 2018 but with balanced distribution of nationalities across groups. 20% of the places will be reserved for SCCA members.
  2. Being Memorial tournaments, there will be no entry fee and there will be engraved commemorative trophies (quaichs) for each of the Group winners.
  3. The envisaged provisional rating ranges of the groups are: below 2100; 2100-2199; 2200-2299; 2300-2399; 2400-2499 and 2500 and above. These groupings may be varied and there could be multiple groups within a range.
  4. All entries and enquiries should be sent to Alan Borwell as soon as possible and not later than 20th June 2018.
  5. Standard ICCF rate of play and leave allowances will be used.

07 Mar 18 | ICCF 2018 World Championship Semi-Finals
Gian-Maria Tani, ICCF Title Tournament Commissioner, writes to announce the start date of the Semi-Finals of the 42nd WCCC as June 20, 2018. Entries will be accepted according with ICCF Tournament Rules valid as from January 1st, 2018, to be received not later than May 13, 2018. Member Federations Nominations (MFN) for the Semi-Finals should also be submitted not later than May 13, 2018. MFN for 2017 cannot be used for 2018 WC Cycle. Scottish players who are eligible and who are interested in playing should contact Gordon Anderson as soon as possible and before 6th May 2018.

25 Jan 18 | ICCF Match Russia v Rest of World
ICCF has announced that a friendly match between Russia and the Rest of the World will start in February 2018 in honour of the late George Pyrich. The match will be rated and played on ICCF webserver, using the Triple Block System time control. Duration of the Match will be 15-months maximum. The number of boards will be 100 with pairings categorised as follows:
  • 2500+ (15 boards)
  • 2400-2499 (20 boards)
  • 2300-2399 (20 boards)
  • 2200-2299 (20 boards)
  • 2100-2199 (10 boards)
  • 2099- (15 boards)
Each National Federation may nominate 2 players (from different rating bands) and 2 back-up players. Due to an administrative mix-up, notice for this event has just been received and players interested in taking part should contact Gordon Anderson by 30th January 2018.
SCCA members should note that the SCCA Executive is developing plans to hold a Memorial Tournament for George Pyrich which will start after the upcoming ICCF Congress being held in Wales in August. This will be an open event to allow many more players to participate.

23 Jan 18 | ICCF CCM Title for Bell
Alan Bell of Falkirk, who was recently awarded the Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) title has now achieved his second Correspondence Chess Master (CCM) norm having reached the qualifying standard of 4.5 points while playing Board 4 for Scotland in the 11th European Team Tournament. Securing his second norm has resulted in the ICCF Qualifications Commissioner confirming that Alan has been awarded the CCM title. Congratulations to Alan on his latest success!

18 Jan 18 | ICCF Congress 2018 Announced
ICCF President Eric Ruch has announced that this year's Congress will run be in Llandudno, North Wales, from 19th to 23rd August.
Austin Lockwood, on behalf of the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation, has written to invite all new British title holders to attend the Welcome Party at the Imperial Hotel on the evening of Sunday 19th August, and to receive their medals and certificates from the ICCF President at the official award ceremony on the morning of Monday 20th August.
Players who wish to attend should register their attendance through the official WCCF Congress website, as the Qualifications Commissioner will need to know the number of medals required, and the organisers will need numbers for ordering refreshments, etc. For further information, please contact Gordon Anderson.

18 Jan 18 | ICCF 3rd Inter-zonal Individual Tournament Announced
ICCF-Europa Zonal Director Andrey Pavlikov writes to announce the 3rd Inter-zonal Individual Tournament. Each ICCF Zone is allowed to nominate 36 players. As Zone 1 (Europe) consists of 40 countries and is greater than the quota, preference will be given to those Federations whose teams are playing in the current EU Team Championship (either Final or Semi-final). Each country may nominate 1 player rated 2200 to 2375. Entry fee for this event via National Federation is £4.50. Nominations require to be made by 29th January and any Scottish player who is interested in this event and meets the grading requirements should contact Gordon Anderson as soon as possible and before 28th January 2018.

18 Jan 18 | ICCF CCE Norm for Montgomery
Robert Montgomery of Livingston has obtained his first ICCF Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) norm. Robert reached the qualifying standard of 4 points while playing in the North Atlantic Team Tournament VII on board 3. Congratulations to Robert!

15 Jan 17 | SCCA Committee Responsibilities
Following the death of George Pyrich, new committee responsibilities have been agreed as follows:
  • Iain Mackintosh: president, webmaster, magazine editor, minute secretary
  • Gordon Anderson: treasurer, ICCF delegate, international secretary
  • Kevin Paine: membership secretary, grader
  • Alastair Dawson: games editor
  • Alan Borwell: organiser of memorial events for George Live and George Pyrich
  • The post of vice-president will remain vacant until our AGM in May
  • Relevant email addresses are given on the officials webpage
Outside of committee, please note the following important roles:
  • Richard Beecham: selection committee chairman (Tom Matheis and Clive Murden will assist)
  • Peter Bennett: magazine reporting, including international events and other features

14 Jan 17 | SCCA 2018 Domestic Events Started
Many thanks again to Kevin Paine who has initiated all our major domestic events in early January this year! You can access the x-table links via the following pages: championship; premier; open; and leagues. The challengers fixtures will follow in February, in order to stagger the games load for players.

10 Jan 18 | ICCF Grading List 2018/1 Published
The first quarterly list of 2018 is published on the website today. Look under publications/grading list to see the web page, or go to members/downloads for the pdf version. For further information, please contact Kevin Paine.

10 Jan 18 | Magazine 140 Published
The fourth e-mag of the 2017 set is being distributed by email today. Printed copies are in the post tonight. As usual, members will be asked to download their e-mags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary e-mags will be attached to the email. Download times will be about the same as last quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

05 Jan 18 | Friendly Match Versus Scheming Mind Starts
Organisers George Pyrich and Austin Lockwood finalised their teams before Christmas and play has now started in a 18-board friendly match against Scheming Mind. This is the second time we've played the Schemers, with the 2010-11 match ending in an emphatic 29½-10½ victory for them. Some early results have already been recorded. As ever, best wishes to both teams for competitive chess plus new and old acquaintances!

01 Jan 18 | ICCF President's New Year Message
To all Correspondence Chess Friends,
As 2017 ends, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you and all those dear to you for a very healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to all officials and delegates for their devoted work on behalf of ICCF during the last year.
A major upgrade of the server has been released in December, surely the most important in the last decade. It will ease the daily work for many officials with the introduction of the automated withdrawal process and the enhancement of the adjudication process (players will also take benefit of it). The players will now be able to test the new Triple Block time control system, and I invite all of them to give us their feedback after a few months of test. If adopted by a future Congress, it will be a major evolution for ICCF, alongside the already implemented norms, titles system, and the development of the rating system which is still under evaluation.
Players and officials will also appreciate the new “ICCF Rules Document” which compiles rules information previously listed in 8 separate documents!
The venue of the 2018 ICCF Congress will be decided in January after the review of the bids submitted by three Member Federations (Poland, South Africa and Wales).
Last month, we suffered the loss of two friends, ICCF Honorary Members Carlos Flores Gutiérrez and George Pyrich. Many of you have met them during the numerous congresses they have attended ? both taking care of the ICCF finances during the last two decades. Requiescat in pace, dear friends.
In closing, let me once again extend to you my best wishes for the New Year. I hope that 2018 will bring satisfaction in all your endeavors, personal, professional, and chess!
Amici Sumus,
Eric Ruch
ICCF President