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Last updated 12 January 2017

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12 Jan 17 | ICCF CCE Title for Cumming
David Cumming of Inverness has become the first Scottish player to qualify for the recently introduced ICCF Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) title. As reported in Magazine 136, he has already picked up two CCE norms in WS/MN/138 and the 2nd Interzonal Individual Tournament Prelim A, but he was still short of the requisite 24 games in these events. Happily, he's now chalked up a further 10 games in the British Championship 2016-8, and netted a further CCE norm with 5 points to date. So, he's over the finish line and fully deserves our congratulations for his impressively quick success!

09 Jan 17 | ICCF Grading List 2017/1 Published
The first quarterly list of 2017 is published on the website today. Look under publications/grading list to see the web page, or go to members/downloads for the pdf version. For further information, please contact George Pyrich.

09 Jan 17 | Magazine 136 Published
The fourth e-mag of the 2016 set is being distributed by email today. Printed copies are in the post tonight. As usual, members will be asked to download their e-mags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary e-mags will be attached to the email. Download times will be slightly longer than last quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

07 Jan 17 | ICCF European Championship Candidates 2017
Marco Caressa, ICCF-Europa Zonal Director, writes to announce the Candidates stage of the 2017 Championship. This is a webserver event and registration is open from now until 20th February. Play is scheduled to start on 15th March and sections are expected to have 13 players. The following players are eligible:
  1. a player rated 2500 or over at the time of entry.
  2. the holders of the Grandmaster Title.
  3. the holders of the Senior International Master Title with a rating over 2400 at the time of entry.
  4. the holders of the International Master Title with a rating over 2450 at the time of entry.
  5. those participants of EU/SF 68 and 69 who achieved at least 55% scores (unless they already hold qualification under any of 1 to 4 above and have not already used this qualification right).
  6. those players who finished 1st or 2nd in a European Championship Semi-Final started after 01/01/2014.
  7. the participants of previous or running Finals who have scored at least 45% of the possible points, if they have not earned a higher qualification and have not already used this qualification right.
  8. participants of previous or running Candidates who have scored at least 55% of the possible points, if they have not earned a higher qualification and have not already used this qualification right.
Please email George Pyrich for further details and to register your interest. Entry fee via SCCA will be £12.

04 Jan 17 | SCCA 2016 Domestic Events Round-Up
Many congratulations to the following domestic event winners from 2016:
  • Championship 2016-17: David Cumming
  • Championship 2015-16: Iain Mackintosh
  • Premier 2016: Michael Blake (including a 100% score)
  • Open 2016: Andrew Macmillen
  • Challengers 2016: Michael Blake and Robert Gilbert tied with 7½
  • Webserver League 2016 Div 1: Hounds of the Scheming Mind B
  • Webserver League 2016 Div 2: Social A
  • Webserver League 2016 Div 3: White Rose B

02 Jan 17 | SCCA 2017 Domestic Events Started
Many thanks to Kevin Paine who has initiated all our major domestic events on January 1st this year! You can access the x-table links via the following pages: championship; premier; open; and leagues. The challengers fixtures will follow shortly.

02 Jan 17 | ICCF President's New Year Message
To all Correspondence Chess Friends,
As 2016 ends, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you and all those dear to you for a very healthy, happy, and successful New Year. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to all officials and delegates for their devoted work on behalf of ICCF during the last year.
The 2016 ICCF Congress in Bremen has approved some important decisions. Some of these decisions have already been included in the end of December 2016 major release of the server for example the new Tournament Office manual. Others will be released during the 2017 year such as the new time control system (the so-called Triple Block system), the revised norm calculation, and the revised rating rules.
It is too early to present the complete figures, but it is likely that 2016 will be another record year for ICCF tournament entries and I thank all volunteers who are giving their time for the benefit of the development of correspondence chess and of course the players who are enjoying playing in ICCF tournaments.
I look forward to meeting you in Bulgaria in September for the 2017 ICCF Congress.
In closing, let me once again extend to you my best wishes for the New Year. I hope that 2016 will bring satisfaction in all your endeavours, personal, professional, and chess!
Amici Sumus,
Eric Ruch
ICCF President