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Last updated 22 February 2020

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From 2009, two types of league are available. The webserver league consists of 4-player teams in one or more 5-team divisions, with each board playing 4 games (2 white, 2 black). The postal league consists of 5-player teams, 3-6 teams per division, with each board usually playing 2 games (1 white, 1 black).

Webserver X-tables

2020 [Div 1] [Div 2] [Div 3] TDs Murden, C and Anderson, G M
2019 [Div 1] [Div 2] [Div 3] [Div 4] TDs Murden, C; Anderson, G M, Anderson, J and Paine, Dr K A.
2018 [Div 1] [Div 2] [Div 3] TDs Murden, C; Anderson, G M and Anderson, J
2017 [Div 1] [Div 2] [Div 3] TDs Murden, C; Anderson, G M and Anderson, J
2016 [Div 1] [Div 2] [Div 3] TD Dawson, Prof A G
2015 [Div 1] [Div 2] [Div 3] TD Dawson, Prof A G
2014 [Div 1] [Div 2] TD Dawson, Prof A G
2013 [Div 1] [Div 2] TDs Dawson, Prof A G and Paine, Dr K A
2012 [Div 1] [Div 2] TDs Paine, Dr K A and Anderson, J
2011 [Div 1] [Div 2] TD Macgregor, C A
2010 [Div 1] [Div 2] TD Macgregor, C A
2009 [Div 1] [Div 2] TD Macgregor, C A

Postal X-tables

Postal [Div 1] TD Savage, D J Opponent Game A Game B Pts
No Postal League from 2015

Summary Results

2014 Division 1
1BCCA A7½/10
2Social Stars5/10
3BCCA B4/10
4Knights of the Board A3½/10

2013 Division 1
1=Perth Correspondents7/10
1=Social Stars7/10
3BCCA A6½/10
4BCCA B3½/10
5Knights of the Board A3/10
6Social B1/10

2012 Division 1 2012 Division 2
1Perth Correspondents8½/10 1BCCA C8½/10
2Social Stars7½/10 2Knights of the Board A5/10
3BCCA A2/10 3Social B4½/10
4BCCA B2/10 4Social C0/10

2011 Division 1 2011 Division 2
1Perth Correspondents8½/10 1Civil Service Chess B12½/20
2Social Stars7/10 2Knights of the Board A12/20
3Civil Service Chess A4/10 3Social C5½/20
4Social Dragons½/10

2010 Division 1
1=Perth Correspondents8½/10
1=Social Stars8½/10
3Civil Service Chess A6/10
4Civil Service Chess B3½/10
5Knights of the Board A3½/10
6Social Dragons3/10
7Social C2/10

2009 Division 1 2009 Division 2
1=Perth Correspondents7½/10 1Social B17½/20
1=Social A7½/10 2Civil Service C11/20
3Civil Service A5½/10 3Social C1½/20
4Knights of the Board A4/10
5Black Knight3½/10
6Civil Service B2/10

2008 Division 1 2008 Division 2
1=Perth Correspondents5½/10 1Knights of the Board A9/10
1=Black Knight5½/10 2Civil Service B6½/10
1=Social Stars5½/10 3Knights of the Board B4/10
4=Civil Service A5/10 4Civil Service C3/10
4=Brutal Realism5/10 5Social Roses2½/10
6Social Dragons3½/10

2007 Division 1 2007 Division 2
1=Perth Correspondents7½/10 1Social Dragons8½/10
1=Social Stars7½/10 2Knights of the Board B4/9
3Black Knight6½/10 3=Social Roses3/9
4Civil Service B6/10 3=Brutal Realism3/10
5Civil Service A1½/10 3=Civil Service C3/10
6Knights of the Board A1/10

2006 Division 1 2006 Division 2
1Perth Correspondents8½/10 1Civil Service B8/10
2Black Knight7½/10 2Civil Service A7/10
3Social Stars5½/10 3Knights of the Board B3/10
4=Knights of the Board A3/10 4Social Roses2/10
4=Social Dragons3/10
6Brutal Realism2½/10

2005 Division 1 2005 Division 2
1=Black Knight6½/10 1Knights of the Board A7½/10
1=Perth Correspondents6½/10 2Social Dragons6½/10
3Social Stars5/10 3Social Roses4½/10
4Dreadnoughts A4/10 4Dreadnoughts C3½/10
5Brutal Realism3½/8 5Knights of the Board B3/10
6Dreadnoughts B2½/8

2004 Division 1 2004 Division 2
1Five Brave Englishmen9/10 1Dreadnoughts A8/10
2Social Stars7/9 2Dreadnoughts B5/9
3Perth Correspondents6/10 3=Knights of the Board B4/9
4Black Knight4½/10 3=Social Climbers4/9
5Brutal Realism2/9 5Social Servants2/9
6Knights of the Board A½/10

2003 Division 1 2003 Division 2
1Five Brave Englishmen8/10 1=Brutal Realism10/20
2Black Knight7/10 1=Knights of the Board B10/20
3Social Stars6½/10 3Social Climbers9/20
4Perth Correspondents4/10
5Knights of the Board A3/10
6The Exiles1½/10

2002 Division 1 2002 Division 2
1Five Brave Englishmen7½/10 1=Super Kings6/8
2Social Stars7/10 1=The Exiles6/10
3Black Knight6½/10 3Social Roses4½/10
4Perth Correspondents5/10 4=Busman's Holiday4/8
5Knights of the Board A2½/10 4=Social Dragons4/8
6Kirkcaldy Kings1½/10 4=Kingston-Upon-Thames4/10
7Brutal Realism3½/8

2001 Division 1 2001 Division 2
1Five Brave Englishmen7/10 1Knights of the Board9/10
2=Black Knight6½/10 2Kirkcaldy Kings7/10
2=Social A6½/10 3Social B5/10
4Perth Correspondents5/10 4Busman's Holiday4½/10
5Super Kings4/10 5Social C2½/10
6Brutal Realism1/10 6Kingston-Upon-Thames2/10

2000 Division 1 2000 Division 2
1Five Brave Englishmen8/10 1Super Kings8/10
2=Black Knight6/10 2Brutal Realism6/10
2=Perth Correspondents6/10 3=Social B5/10
4Social A4/10 3=Social C5/10
5Kirkcaldy Kings3½/10 5Kingston-Upon-Thames4/10
6Busman's Holiday2½/10 6Knight Sac2/10

1999 Division 1 1999 Division 2 1999 Division 3
1Kirkcaldy Kings7/10 1Social Buzzards9/10 1Social Eagles11½/20
2=Black Knight6½/10 2Busman's Holiday6½/10 2Correspondence Knights9½/20
2=Perth Correspondents6½/10 3Kingston-Upon-Thames5/10 3Correspondence Kings9/20
4Five Brave Englishmen6/10 4Social Falcons4/10
5Brutal Realism4/10 5Super Kings3/10
6Knight Sac0/10 6Castlehill2½/10

1998 Division 1 1998 Division 2 1998 Division 3
1Five Brave Englishmen7½/10 1General Accident6/10 1Wandering Clergy14½/20
2Perth Correspondents6½/10 2Knight Sac5½/10 2Kingston-Upon-Thames14/20
3Black Knight6/10 3=Busman's Holiday5/10 3Social Eagles10½/20
4Kirkcaldy Kings5/10 3=Super Kings5/10 4=Knights of the Board8½/20
5Brutal Realism4/10 5Social Buzzards4½/10 4=Social Falcons8½/20
6Cathcart1/10 6Castlehill4/10 6D and A4/20